Happy Customers

"Another One Fights the Dust"

"I thought smart vacuums were meant to be SMART and clean my house from tip to toe. So it was frustrating to find out their limitations on dark floors. Mine didn’t even go across the room, it just kept changing directions without cleaning anything. I mean, what is that supposed to be!

Anyway, now it’s not a problem any more, so thanks a million for these. It works perfectly in all our rooms now and I get a clean house everyday. Love this hack!"

Conor W - New York, NY

"I'm a gadget geek and have always wanted one, so I finally broke down and bought one. Overall, the vacuum performs great in the kitchen. But it has a problem with the rug in the hall. It goes along the edges, but doesn’t do the whole thing.

I was looking relentlessly for a solution until I came across you guys. As a last resort I bought these and I was instantly amazed with the results! Now my vacuum cleans the hall without any problems at all. Whoever designed these, thanks so much!"

Courtney M - Houston, TX 

"It’s been two months since I’ve been a proud owner of a robo vac. It’s been a pleasant experience since the first time I used this baby to clean my house. It does what it was meant to do for the most part. I was under the impression that it was supposed to scan the whole apartment before starting to clean. But it doesn’t do that, and the worst thing is that it wont go into my bedroom which has dark carpeting.

I was so frustrated and looked endlessly for a solution. At long last, I found these life savers.  They let the vacuum into all my rooms, no problem. A big thanks from me to you (and my girlfriend thanks you too!)"

Brian C - Columbus, OH

"All I’d been hearing is that the new smart vacuums are so smart that you don’t need to do anything. Not true! I learned that the hard way after a sizeable investment. We’ve had one for a while now but it’s never been able to clean our dining room rug.

At the time, we looked it up on the internet and soon realized it was a common problem, so we just lived with it. Recently, I found out about you guys and now I’m happy to say it’s cleaning the rug. Who’s the smart one now! Thanks!"

Michael H - Sarasota, FL

"From day one our vacuum had problems with the area rug in my living room. I thought it was broken so I contacted customer support and they said that it may be due to the dark surface on the floor. I looked that up online and found a lot of people having the same issues.

I was telling my friend about it what and he said to find you online. I mean, these are amazing! There’s no problem with the vacuum anymore! These are a must have!"

Sandra L - New Berlin, WI

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