• Help Your Smart Vacuum Go Further

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See it in action

Help Your Smart Vacuum Go Further

Smart Vacuums Can’t Do It All

So you've invested a few hundred dollars on a smart vacuum so you could hit a button and go about your day while it sweeps your house, right? But then you notice it avoids the patterned rug in the living room and won’t even enter your dark-carpeted bedroom.

Well, guess what? Now you've got two rooms to vacuum manually which probably defeats the purpose of getting a robot vacuum in the first place. What a waste of money! Don't worry, we're here to help.

Here’s How Smart Vacuums Work

What They Don’t Tell You Before You Buy

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When Keeping it Safe Goes Wrong

The issue is that smart vacuums are programmed with what are known as “cliff sensors", that, you guessed it, sense when a cliff (or staircase) is near so they don’t fall off. This is a good thing!

The problem is these sensors think your dark carpet is equally dangerous, so the vacuum will adjust its course to avoid “falling” by turning around. Take a look at what we’re talking about in the video below.

Why my Vacuum is Scared of the Dark

The infrared sensors that line the underside of a smart vacuum sense when it's nearing an edge and either shuts down or changes its course to prevent a fall. Unfortunately, the vacuum doesn’t know the difference between a drop in the floor and those dark stripes on your rug. Because it is unable to distinguish between the two, it will turn around in both scenarios.

But I Thought Smart Vacuums Map Out the Rooms They Clean?

Watch this behavior

How do IR Sensors Work, Anyway?

These sensors bounce infrared (IR) light between the vacuum and the floor. When the surface is lightly colored, the light bounces back and the vacuum goes on its merry vacuuming way, but when the surface is dark, the light is absorbed instead, causing the vacuum to cry out in fear and initiate its flight response.

IR Sensor Shields

Luckily, we've got a solution! Simply apply Vac Hack's adhesive reflectors to the bottom of your smart vacuum. By masking the infrared sensors, your vacuum will clean any room unimpeded by darkness. It’s that easy!

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Happy Customers

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"I thought smart vacuums were meant to be SMART... 

...not a problem any more, thanks a million for these.”

Conor W - New York, NY

"I was looking relentlessly for a solution until I came across...

...my vacuum cleans the hall without any problems at all.”

Courtney M - Houston, TX

"It wont go into my bedroom which has dark carpeting...

...they let the vacuum into all my rooms, no problem.”

Brian C - Columbus, OH

"Vacuums so smart you don’t need to do a thing. Not true…

...happy to say it’s working. Who’s the smart one now!"

Michael H - Sarasota, FL

"I thought it was broken so I contacted customer support…

...no problem with the vacuum anymore, a must have!"

Sandra L - New Berlin, WI

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End Your Frustration Now

You didn’t buy a smart vacuum to clean only half your home, did you? We didn’t think so. Add our Vac Hack IR Sensor Shields to your vacuum and get the full cleaning coverage you always wanted.

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