Installation Instructions

With the package in hand, carefully pull the plastic flap open from the bottom and remove the folded sleeve from inside.  Sandwiched between the printed card, you will find a sheet of 8 IR Sensor Shields.  Because not all smart vacuums are created equal, depending on your vacuum make and model, the number of "cliff" sensors you'll find will vary.  Some vacuums have 3, while others have 6. Just to play it safe, we gave you 8!

Before you begin, in an effort to protect both the surface of your countertop or table and the housing of your vacuum, you may want to lay a towel down before flipping the unit over and gently placing it upside down, exposing its undercarriage. If you see the wheels pointing up, you've got it right where you need it, good job!

Next, take a dry cloth and wipe away and dust and dirt that may be caught between the edges of the "cliff" sensors you identified earlier.  Preparing a clean surface around each sensor will ensure a stronger bond.

Using your thumb and forefinger separate the reflectors from the sheet, one at a time, by grasping the branded tab indicated with our VH logo. Carefully peeling each reflector from the backing, position the shield over the sensor, ensuring that it's covered entirely.

While you will be tempted to press the reflector down so as to stick it directly onto the lens of the sensor, don't.  Instead, simply run your finger around the edge to ensure it's securely fastened.

Below are a few examples of what NOT to do...

Instead, once applied, they SHOULD look like this...

Important Note: the branded tabs can face either direction! So long as the recessed sensor is covered, they will work regardless of the orientation of the tab; while they may not look like much, they'll do the trick.  Once you've gained confidence applying in the first one, you will be a pro in covering the rest.

Remembering of course that you have more IR Sensor Shields than you have sensors, should one get placed askew or land on the floor or get stuck to the cat, just use another one; you've got a few to spare.

Once you've covered all your "cliff" sensors, flip your vac back around and place it on the floor where it will be poised and ready to get at that patterned rug and dark carpet!

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